Cake : An essential ingredient of any UTSV

Bhajan Lal was never seen such overjoyed in his entire life. The craftsmanship that he is endowed with, has always brought moments of celebration at thousands of events. Even at his age of 75 years, one can never discover a near competitor of him in the industry.

That petite 12-by-12 wooden shop at deep end of Mall Road of this lake city- Nainital is indebted of his bakery services. Rawat saahab, the owner of the shop is so appreciative of him that everything today from wedding venue, band baja, jewellery, catering and all other arrangements are taken care by him. Otherwise how this finance-deprived old Oven-artist could have been capable enough to get his only child married in the big capital city of this country.

While all arrangements were so wonderfully carved, Rawat saahab was able to manage everything directly from Nainital with the help of technology. He had set everything best to the guest’s expectations and Bhajan Lal’s dreams by just clicking at some links though commercial websites.

The groom and his bride looked exceptionally stunning, their smiles is a simple world that this old man understands and admires in his own language. However everything went smooth until this time when a large trolley came in driven by the baker himself with excitement pouring through his eyes. Emotions started to rain as he looked ecstatically at his little girl and her guy cutting the beautiful cake engraved with their initials on the topmost layer of its cream. And….



And yes it tasted lipi-licious, cheered the crowd as they left tonight!