An online advertising tool for all corporate events, parties, weddings and such other similar occassions.

Our Partners started this expedition with an objective of creating a universe of venues, planners, photographers, caterers and other service providers for any event; to be explored by the hands of so many folks wandering on streets, venues, market places to design their perfectly planned event to ensure a higher level of perfection.

The expert knowledge and pursuit of our team travels to your hands & fingers through the technology driven modes- Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, Personal Computers etc. and gives you all the fun you may dream for absolutely zero struggle.


The 2:1 Club

  A Social interactive club is an intiative of Sanrae Partners. We have established a group which is catering a self learning approach for enhancing communication skills and personality grooming of members of the Club.

This is an Open forum where all individuals eager to develop themselves meet and talk while working at different levels and experiencing various phases of this club.